Mozilla 1.4

Download the browser that PC World calls "Best of 2003."

For more information, read the Release Notes. Linux versions require glibc2.2.4 or better. Testers and QA get Nightly Builds.

Technology Previews

Mozilla 1.5 Beta

Mozilla 1.5 Beta is our latest testing release.

For more information, read the releases page.

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1

A Lean, Mean Browsing Machine. Read why you should switch today, and why a leading technology commentator has made it his default browser.

For more information, visit the product pages. Testers and QA get Nightly Builds.

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2

Standalone Mail and News that Stands Above.

For more information, read the release notes. Testers and QA get Nightly Builds.

Camino 0.7

Fast Web Browsing on MacOS X.

For more information, read the Release Notes.

News and Press Releases

Status Update

2 September, 2003
This status update contains news on Mozilla 1.5 Beta, Mozilla Thunderbird, Composer, ChatZilla, Venkman, the Mozilla Links Newsletter and more.


Development Roadmap
Where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. The state of the Mozilla nation.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions for users of our products and developers.

End User Documentation
Tips and tricks to keep in mind when running Mozilla software.

Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation is a new non-profit organization that will serve as the home for As before, will coordinate and encourage the development and testing of Mozilla code. The Mozilla Foundation will also promote the distribution and adoption of our flagship applications based on that code. AOL, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, and other companies will continue to support Mozilla through the Foundation.

What this means for the Mozilla browser and our other products and technologies: more innovation from the open source developers, and a greater focus on end users.

Read the press release and our newsgroup announcement.

Make a Donation Now you can support the Mozilla Foundation by donating!


Mozilla 1.4

- Award Winning Browsing, Mail and Editing. Mozilla

World Class: Best of 2003, Web Browser
- PC WORLD Magazine

Editor's Choice Award: Best Web Browser, 2003
- LinuxJournal Magazine

"Mozilla has already become my default browser ... it is as fast and slick and full-featured as I want"
- Andrew Leonard, SALON Magazine

"Beyond Bliss"
- TIME Magazine

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1

- A Lean, Mean Browsing Machine.

Firebird Screenshot

"...Firebird is likely to soar past IE"
- Joel Spolsky, Leading Technology Commentator

"A sweet piece of work."
- Jon Udell, INFOWORLD

Find out why people everywhere are switching to Firebird.



Fast web browsing on MacOS X.

Thunderbird 0.2

Standalone Mail and News that Stands Above.


Bugzilla Screenshot

Enterprise Grade Bug Tracking

More and more companies are using Bugzilla to track defects. Find out why.

All Other Projects...

For Testers

Our products are what they are because of the help of people just like you who use them day to day, reporting bugs and helping us improve quality. To get involved, read about how you can help to test Mozilla.
Report a Bug Find Bugs Go to Bug #:

Nightly Builds

Created most weekdays from the previous day's work, these will probably work, but may not. Use them to verify that a bug you're tracking has been fixed.
Mozilla Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.
Mozilla Firebird Windows, Linux, MacOS X, etc.
Mozilla Thunderbird Windows, Linux and MacOS X
Camino MacOS X

Past releases are also available.

For Developers

Build Mozilla

Get the Source, then Build It.


Developers can help Mozilla by joining the community and contributing code. There are also other ways to get involved.


Bugzilla Our bug tracking system. Use this to track and schedule bugs you're currently working on, as a scratch pad for development ideas and to manage code reviews.
Bonsai Find out who changed what in what file and when.
LXR Browse and search the source repository.
Tinderbox Shows tree status. Check this before checking out and checking in. Important trees: SeaMonkey (Mozilla Trunk), Mozilla Firebird (Trunk), Camino (Trunk), All Others


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